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Creativity: What to do When You’re Not Inspired.

Are you in a creative career, do you blog, or is there any room for being creative in your job? Some jobs require more creativity than others, that’s a given. In my job if I or a boss decide to get to creative the IRS comes down with a steel fist! However I do blog, and as many of you know, it can be tough to consistently come up with creative and insightful topics.

Every now and then, especially when my life gets busy, my creative tap turns off. Instead of thinking of a plethora of topics I read, take in info, and get my juice off of other peoples creativity. Make sense? Sometimes I find it hard to just sit down and come up with creative topics.

However, sometimes you just need to be creative, stuff has to be done. Maybe you have a boss that is really pushing for an original idea? Maybe another blogger that pesters you to post when you just are not inspired? How do you find inspiration, when you just are not in the mood? I personally have a set of websites I turn to when I need idea’s and inspiration.

News Sites: This is the base, the facts that can help turn on your light-bulb. Here are a few of my favorite offbeat and mainstream sites: BreitBart, Drudge Report, WSJ, Foxbusiness

Blogs: Blogs are great. Full of a wide range of views and opinions, blogs will help light the fire in your mind. My favorite brain energizing blogs: Brazencareerist, Modite, Zen Habits, Personal PR, Employee Evolution.

Wikipedia: Sometimes blogs and news are not enough. Maybe it is an off-week for all bloggers. where else to go to for inspiration on the web? My favorite, Wikipedia. Nothing beats the “Random Article” tool, after a few clicks, something is going to jump start your engine!

Coffee: Not just coffee, but close the computer, walk to the coffee shop, order your Boston latte, maybe pick up actual print paper, and sit and detox from your busy life and stress. Often this will clear your mind enough to allow in those idea’s your so craving.

Balance my Checkbook: Ok, so maybe I don’t balance my checkbook, but often I’ll start reviewing my finances, making personal balance sheets etc… I love finance stuff and engrossing myself in my own finances often focuses me and gets me thinking. From there I often get a waterfall of ideas and creativity. I know I’m strange. But sometimes, its as easy as sitting down and doing something you enjoy.

What do you do when your lacking inspiration? Do you have certain habits that get you back in the grove and breaks the writers block? Let me know, my ideas can always use some improvement!

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  1. My brain loves to make connections, so sometimes a great conversation with a friend, a challenging film, or reading children’s literature can bring out the most interesting inspiration. And then there’s just life in general. I’ve blogged about yard work is a metaphor for blogging, about what we can learn from babies about being inspired, about tunes streaming out of my iPod.

    If you have an open outlook, almost anything can be inspirational… you just have to make the connection. And you’ve listed some of my other favorite go-tos: News, blogs, random facts, pop culture. Sometimes for me the challenge (when I’m not feeling creative) is that I am actually bombarded by many ideas and can’t pick just one to tackle right now. . .


  2. I wouldn’t be the great editor that I am if I didn’t point out the homonym in the title.

    It should be “You’re” not “Your.”

    But the message is still clear.

  3. @ Tiffany – I totally agree, sometimes the issue is breaking down the ideas and deciding on just one. Keeping an open outlook is important, but can be challenging at times when we must become focused on a single issue. Thanks!

    @ Newb – Thanks for the editing! corrected.

  4. Great post since this is a problem everyone can relate to. Sometimes I look around on Facebook at what my friends have posted and notes in my network for ideas. Another thing I’ve found useful is whenever I come across anything online that gets me thinking, I add it to an ongoing list I’ve set up in Google documents. It’s a convenient way to store stuff that will trigger my creative juices.

  5. @ Jaclyn – facebook is alright for inspiriation. generally that just distracts me and I end up looking up hold friends for hours. I like your google doc idea. I do the same sorta by copying a link in several places or bookmarking it in a temp file until i can read it and fully digest it. Thanks!

    @GL Hoffman – I like the your idea. I hope to get to it by April 1! Thanks!


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