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This is where I come from: Nine fun facts about this blogger.

1) I am an Eagle Scout. Boy Scouts is where I learned many life skills. Most importantly Boy Scouts taught me how to work hard and stay focused to accomplish any goal. That is something that will stay with me forever.

2) I am marrying my high school sweetheart in July. We began dating our junior year of high school (nearly 7 years ago!). When picking colleges we decided to keep it a secret between the two of us as to which college we chose. In the end we both chose the same school. We made it through college together. I credit our success to autonomy. We both had our own extracurriculars and independent groups of friends, it worked, and I’m happy!

3) I play the Guitar, although, not very well. Consequently I was in a band in high school. Our gigs were often graduation parties, talent shows (we never won), and a new years eve party. We called ourselves, The Suckiest Bunch of Sucks that Ever Sucked, for short however we were simply, The Sucks.

4) I recently discovered Golf, I now have an expensive problem.

5) By the time I graduated high School I had over 300 CD’s. The collection is now at least double. There is just something about a good song that can make you happy, motivated, laugh, interested, or trigger memories.

6) I love coffee! I get much of my blogging as well as studying done in coffee shops (yes I’m at one now). I suppose it is because of my love for coffee, however, I get this sneaking suspicion it is just the people watching…

7) Although I live in Wisconsin, I grew up in Illinois. Therefore I have a huge hatred for the Green Bay Packers. Go Bears!

8) I have had three concussions in my lifetime resulting from: 1) Neighbor boy trying to bunny hop me with his bike while I set on the ground, 2) Neighbor boy trying to jump over me with his bike while I laid under the jump, 3) Football.

9) I like NASCAR.

There you all go. A little glimpse into what makes me tick. I hope this will help our regular readers understand further where I come from in some posts. As for our new readers, this is a little introduction of who I am, hopefully it is interesting enough to come back and have another read!

I was tagged by Tiffany Monhollon over at Personal PR. She is right that through exchanges like this, sharing who we are, we learn and grow as a community and our relationships become stronger.

In the interest of keeping this moving I invite everyone to create a similar post on your blogs. Be sure to link and let everyone know in the comment section. Don’t have a blog? That’s alright, your still part of this community. If you relate to something I said, or don’t relate at all, throw it in a comment.

and a few tags of my own… Brandon Henak and Monica at Twenty Set. Sorry if either of you have been tagged prior.

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  1. Hey, Brandon! Thanks for the post. I definitely agree that autonomy for relationships in college is critical. The Eagle Scout aspect is neat – my honey is one too! So I have a lot of respect for all the dedication that requires. Nice to get to know a little more about you!

  2. Brandon,

    Thanks for the tag. I suppose this means I write a post about fun facts about myself on my blog? Sorry, I’ve never been tagged before, so I’m not sure if there’s proper etiquette I should be following :)

  3. I will be following up tomorrow here on Newly Corporate. Good piece Brandon, we all like getting to know you better after reading your work. Keep up the great posts!

  4. Hey this is a nice idea. I’ll give it a shot soon on my own blog.

    Btw Brandon A. – I never got to say thanks for linking to my guestpost at employee evolution on Career v. Love. Thanks very much! ^_^

  5. Monica I’m fairly new at this and I just assumed that was proper etiquette also :). I just read up on your blog a bit and found it all interesting. Its purely up to you!

  6. Thanks for sharing your fun facts. I did the same on my blog: .

  7. Cheers on the Eagle Scout…same here….I’m sure you have had similar exeriences but that alone get me a ton of mileage in interviews or in conversation with people. I’m so grateful I actually finished it up!

  8. Michael, Thanks. Eagle Scout has been great in interviews, tremendous examples of leadership, adversity, and the like. I credit my boy scout experinces as on of the biggest influnces shaping who I am today!

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