3 Reasons To Be Careful With Facebook

facebook 1. It could cost you a job. Facebook is not private. Employers and -more importantly- potential employers are getting good at spying on your profile. Oh and if you think it is safe to simply cleanup your profile before you start job hunting, think again. There are archiving websites that make searchable copies of websites and then store the copies forever. For example, this is what facebook looked like on August 6th, 2005.

2. They will sell you out in a heartbeat. Their business model, like google’s, is to collect personal information about you and then eventually sell it to someone. The more personal and specific they get, the more money it is worth. Now, they won’t have your social security number but they definitely have enough to do some damage. What’s more concerning are the shady people who have been pumping money into the company. These people used to work for spooky government agencies.

3. They can steal from you. If you are an artist, do not post any of your creative works on Facebook. Again, check out this video to get a look under the covers. Scary.

Seriously, be careful with Facebook. It is fun and useful to share information on Facebook, but access to that information is not as limited as you think. There is a giant evil robot constantly scanning your activities. So far this robot hasn’t done any damage, but what if it turns on us?

If this has inspired you to go into stealth mode, then go here for instructions on what to do next.

  1. I’m definitely agree with you. If you look more closely at the Facebook terms of service, they own pretty much everything you put on their website.

  2. But it’s still better and safer than Myspace. As with giving any information online, be careful and cautious because someone is collecting that data somewhere! The advertising part on Facebook only makes sense as it grows as a company and the big heads (Zuckerberg included) have to start accounting for that $15billion valuation. Remember being on Facebook, Myspace, etc, is a choice and WE choose to give our information to the sites.

  3. I agree Greg. I think the main message here is not “facebook is bad”. The real message is “be aware”. Sometimes we get complacent with our personal information, and I’m trying to get people to stay on their toes!

  4. Yea the awareness is huge. These networks can serve as a gateway to bigger and better things if used correctly, and can also be taken advantage of by employers, potential employers, friends and family. They can see unnecessary things and learn harmful facts that take away from one’s offline personality and accomplishments.

    There is a greater good though. By utilizing the blogs, posting great thoughts and ideas and going out and networking you can amass a great deal of information and become an authority on subjects.

    By the way, stumbled on this blog today and its great!

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  8. Duh! I always search out potential employees info on the internet. You’d be surprised how much info a simple search returns.

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  10. I suppose this could be a problem, but only if you’re doing something you shouldn’t be, or involved with something that is questionable. I don’t think most people would have to worry about something like this.

  11. That’s why I don’t share private information on Facebook and if I want to pass an important information to someone I don’t use the Facebook emails :)

    I heard stories of people who got fired because they said different things at work and on Facebook 😉