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Managers Not MBAs : Critical For Managers, MBAs and Those Seeking Either

Managers Not MBAs Managers Not MBAs: A Hard Look at the Soft Practice of Managing and Management Development changed the way I think about management education. After going through a great business education at Marquette University, I was already being advised by some to look ahead to an MBA and higher education. I no longer think of that management development path in the same way after considering the many perspectives Henry Mintzberg provides in respect to MBAs, how they are obtained, who gets them and how they effect a professional in the workforce. As Mintzberg describes it:

The M/B schools have tenure, prima donnas galore, the rigidities of departmentalization, entrenched programs and entrenched thinking, all in the name of changing everyone…We talk about new product development while having introduced our last major new degree in 1908; we go on endlessly about strategic change while pursuinga strategy that dates from the 1950s; we teach the world’s fanciest models of investment yet in our own decisions rely on one year payback models.

The book itself is really about reflection and action. Reflection on the current state of business education and literal action plans for the future of management education.

As this book has has sought to express, we need to rethink who we educate, how, and for what purpose; we need to rethink how and why we do research, and for whom; and we need to rethink how we are organized to do both.

Bottom Line: As stated in the title, this book is an absolute must-read for those considering an MBA, working with MBAs, hiring MBAs or building a real management education program. Managers Not MBAs explores these areas with fascinating real world examples, meticulous research, descriptive illustrations and clear statistical evidence.

This book recommended as one of the 15 Books for Rogue Professionals and How to Read them Fast at No Cost.

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