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The iPad Impact: 5 Effects on Work and Leisure


Yes, I was one of the recent iPad 2 purchasers waiting in line to get the latest technology out of Cupertino. I admit, I said I wouldn’t but, after experiencing the original and trying the new one out I decided I would make the investment and give it a try.  I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and I’ll share with you why.

Which iPad Model?

When most people start to consider an iPad the first question that comes to mind is which model do they need.  As it’s still a relatively new device and I don’t have enough specific designated uses in mind, I decided to go for one of the cheaper models (16GB, WiFi) to evaluate how I could use it. I decided against the 3G because I don’t need another recurring cost in my budget and if it came down to a situation where I needed it, I would just use the new, cheaper hotspot option on the iPhone. In the end, the base model just made sense.

When to Buy?

I waited for 2 weeks after launch and still had to wait in line.  There are still shortages out there so I would just say call your local Apple store when you’re ready and see what they have for stock.

Impact So Far

After about a month of usage, here are the areas I have found where the iPad has made a difference:

1. Inbox Zero
I am usually pretty good at staying on top of my inbox but, I rarely get to zero. Before the iPad my inbox count, both personal and work usually hovered between 50 and 100. The iPad’s superior and frankly fun to use interface helps me keep it closer to 10 and enables me to read and respond easier than on the iPhone without having to lug out my laptop.

2. Better Information Consumption (Google Reader Zero)
With work and the challenges of the GMAT, my news reading had suffered for awhile before the iPad. It was just tough to find the time to work my way through the pile of unread articles, even though I enjoy it and find it enhances my career specific knowledge. The iPad is a great way to consume this kind of information quickly and effectively. Using apps like Flipboard and Zite, anyone can interact with a wide variety of their personal news feeds all in one great looking, easy to browse place.

3. More Open and Dynamic Computer-Aided Person to Person Interactions
When opened, laptops become a barrier between two people. It’s only a partial wall but, it has the same effect and the other person either has to wonder what you’re up to, or try to look over your shoulder. With the iPad’s bright, crisp screen people can layout information in front of each other and still effectively interact with it and each other. It works great for budget reviews, trip planning or anything that requires computing on the fly. No partial walls, no isolation or shoulder peeping.

4. Fast, Engaging One on One Presentations
I recently did a project for an executive where I work and showed up to an update with the iPad. It was a great way to demo the tools involved live and let her actually interact with them by touch. No need to waste time plugging in a projector, no clicking intermediary or waiting for a laptop to turn on/work. Just boom, it’s right there at their fingertips.

5. Better Meeting Etiquette
We all know what it’s like when someone get’s pulled into a conversation on their laptop when you are in a meeting.  iPads discourage in-meeting distraction by being flat on the table.  Everyone can see if you are taking notes or doing something else.  This transparency actually helps promote focus on what is at hand for everyone involved.

I am still discovering new iPad impacts as it really is a new way to interact on many levels. What have your experiences been? Please let us know in the comments.

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  1. Hi Brandon

    I haven’t bought an iPad yet but have played around on them and can see the appeal. With the competition increasing in the tablet space, I wonder if any of the other similar products from other companies will emerge as #2?


  2. Having an iPad is still a dream come true for me. I have heard about how useful it is. Although I wanted to have an iPad the question is the affordability or my capacity to pay for one. lol Maybe when I get to have extras would really want to get one for myself.


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