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Fit Professional Secret 1: A Mid-Day Workout

fitness_centerAs young professionals, or any age professionals for that matter, we often struggle to balance heavy workloads with the right amount of exercise to keep us physically fit and focused.  Although we aren’t perfect here at Newly Corporate, we are going to share which “secrets” or strategies have worked best for us, we welcome your feedback and additional suggestions as well.

The first “secret” is a mid-day workout.  Many workplaces have in-house or nearby gyms with discounted memberships for employees (and showers), especially in this healthcare-sensitive environment.  Taking advantage of these, while sometimes challenging time-wise, can be an easier way to stay in shape than an evening workout.  Here are a few of the benefits:

Mid-Day Workout Benefits

  1. Working out at noon raises your metabolism for the rest of the day rather than just the evening hours when you work out after work.
  2. A mid-day workout can help you clear your head and take a fresh look at work place challenges in the afternoon.
  3. By choosing to workout in the afternoon you are less likely to shorten your workout due to the desire to go home quickly or do something else.

There are many benefits to employers too, a healthier workforce is more productive, has fewer sick days and less stress on the job.  If you normally work through lunch, it may mean coming in earlier or staying later but, it makes a huge difference in terms of productivity and well-being. This strategy may not be possible in all positions, jobs or employers but, it comes highly recommended by many health professionals and corporate productivity specialists.


  1. Could you share the secret for appearing back at the office not sweaty, hair blown dry and make-up back on within the lunch hour? That’s the problem I have with a mid-day workout – fine for men, but feels downright impossible for me.

  2. I’m actually doing the right thing, I thought at first it was way out of the ordinary but then I prefer mid day workout and proceeded with it. I never thought it has an advantage until I read your post. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Thanks for the post, this actually encouraged me to get off the couch and hit the gym in between working sessions!

    P.S. neat blog!

  4. This is a great idea esp if the company has a gym, but yes, hard for anyone to come back and look professional when they are sweaty. Maybe stretching will help though:)

  5. totally agree with this! there’s usually maybe 4 hours left in the day afterwards so I’m not as worried about being slightly flushed. it’s also nice b/c I find that the gym is least busiest in the early afternoon.

  6. I have always wanted to have an employer that would let me workout during the lunch hour. I have yet to find such an employer, but who knows, maybe my next job will let me take the time.

  7. The whole sweaty-look is a challenge. I’ve tried building a 10 minute cool-down into my workout. It kills you if you feel like you need to rush back but worth it so you don’t break into a spontaneous sweat at your next meeting…