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Friday Business Zen: Attitude Is Contagious

Half FullWhile in a meeting yesterday, I noticed one of my colleague’s screensavers, as cliche as screensaver messages can be, this one got me thinking, it said:

“Attitude is Contagious: Is yours worth catching?”

The economic challenges that we are all facing right now have an undeniable effect on our attitude.  Some handle the stress of layoffs and cost cutting in different ways, from cynicism to criticism and sometimes even downright anger.  Our attitude, however, is not just a coping mechanism, it is one of the many factors our peers and supervisors use to judge our ability to do our jobs and motivate others.  Along with job performance, it can make or break hiring and firing decisions.

Is your attitude worth catching?

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  1. It’s one’s attitude that will determine how one survives this terrible job market and eventually land on their feet. My attitude is think positive.

  2. I totally agree with you on this. It can be hard work to be sunshine and light all the time though…

  3. I agree completely. Rather than display negativity, I think the energy is better spent towards remaining calm and stable, despite the chaos.

    This way, you will stand out among other employees who give into their emotions and immature feelings. Your positive attitude will be readily noticed and without a doubt, others will develop positive opinions about you.

    For the record, I am not part of a human resources department or anything related. I’m a support/customer service agent stuck handling phone calls and irate people. Basically, the lowest rung.