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5 Tips for Choosing Web 2.0 Tools for Your Team

Will W hard at work Your Boss: “Hey, Gen Y Young Professional, we need a good way to do <insert task here> on the interwebs, go check your facebook-ey thing-a-ma-jigger and let me know how we should do it.”

That’s how it all starts, whether you are pulled into it, or you volunteer for it out of sheer passion, many Generation Y young professional are asked to analyze options and tools for doing business on the web. As I thoroughly enjoy this task, and have had the opportunity to do it a number of times for portions of the company I work for and my own small business ventures, I figured I would share 5 tips I keep in mind when I go about choosing the best web or software solutions.

1.  Focus on the task or goal.  All too often I find myself looking at flashy solutions that are pretty but don’t really address the ultimate goal. Write the goal or task down and keep it in front of you as you analyze options.

2.  Integrate it. Find out where the solution fits and then find a tool that can integrate into other systems in the business process or flow.

3.  Keep it fresh!  Look at the history of the tool, plugin or site.  Is it constantly being updated?  Does it have an active and open development team/company?  A tool that is actively being updated in a robust way will keep your company users happy with the latest features and fixes.

4.  Leave it in the cloud.  My experience tells me that when a company brings a tool in house on their servers, it is like driving a car off of a lot, it immediately begins to become obsolete until the company pays a ton to upgrade it.  Just use it, let someone else update it.

5.  Stay social.  I know social media is all the rage right now but, there is some truth the the benefits of social tools.  Look for social features and road maps as they will aid adoption and allow users to help and interact with each other more freely.

Have you been asked to research tools and web solutions for your team or company?  How do you address it?  Share your tips in the comments!

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