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Sail through your next presentation

A presentation is relative and are often prepared for audiences that can be subjective at the very least. How can you make your mark with the team and your boss without sugar-coating the content of the message? Try these simple steps for a successful presentation that you can be proud of and your team will applaud.speech2750448

1. Story board your message – introduce your purpose for the meeting, notate your data/information with simple and relevant language, and tie your findings to a summary and action plan.

2. Confirm your findings with the right audience – Walk through your numbers/discovery with the expert before displaying it in new york times font on a white screen.

3. Follow the powerpoint laws provided to you by your speech 101 professor in college – I call it the 4X6 rule, no more than 4 to 6 words per line and 4-6 lines per slide. Unless important to the presentation, paragraphs should not be included on a slide.

4. Add your personal style for a successful presentation – they are meant to inform not entertain, but you can include relevant color schemes, or use a comic as a team ice breaker, but the focus of your work should reflect adding value to your team and your organization.

5. Practice – whether your meeting is at 8am or 10pm, remember all of the excruciating pitches you have sat through and don’t make your team suffer like you have. Smile, breathe, and remember pausing to collect your thoughts will allow your audience time for the information to sink in.

*Helpful Hintif you don’t live for presentations, and fear public speaking more than death like most americans, find one of your favorite speakers, and zero in on what makes them so dynamic and grab a few tricks from there bag!


  1. Wait… what? Explain this 4×6 rule to me… I’ve heard of the 10/20/30 rule, but not the 4×6 one.

    (No more than 10 words on a page, 20 slides in a deck, and no less than 30 pt font.)

    Good list!

  2. 4×6 means: four to six words per line, and four to six lines per ppt slide….. hope this clears it up!


  3. Seth – sound, simple, easy to remember advice. Solid.

  4. From the newlycorporate archives: How to Make Presentation Like Steve Jobs

  5. You may also want to check out Guy Kowasaki’s advice:

  6. Great tips! Practicing is definitely important, and if you upload your presentation to your webtop you can have access from any computer or mobile device with internet access – making it easy to practice while picking your kids up from school or running an errand. Not to mention that you won’t have to worry about backing up your presentation – as it’s already on the Internet for you.