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The Economic Crisis & Your Closet

Unemployment is at an all-time high. Companies are cutting back on office supplies, and US! That’s right they are shrinking their base costs by finding ways to cut jobs, and even departments. If you are coming out of college or graduate school in January on the job hunt for the first time, or a seasoned professional who has recently been laid off you may be worrying less about your perfect resume and more about how you can afford that perfect interview look.

In my first post on style, Communicate in Color, I discuss the power of color in our day-to-day dress in the office, in front of the boardroom and with the boss. This would be a great post for those of you who missed it during the holidays! Now it is time to tackle another style stumper.

How can you afford to look like the best choice for the job, when you are looking for your first real one? What if you have been laid off, and have all your bills, still coming and the unemployment check just does not cut it? Each scenario is real to a growing population of generation Y professionals.

Graduates, do not panic! Though it is a tough time for the economy hopefully you spent your last semester planning your escape to the real world, and I don’t mean the one with 7 strangers picked to live in a house. Your plan hopefully involved saving money for your job relocation, rent fees, and moving expenses, and your new big-kid digs! That is right, no more ripped A&F jeans, or hoodies displaying college pride. If you’re young and new to corporate America, you will need to look the part, and look the part for less in these times.

For the recently unemployed, looking for an edge on the interview process

Get the look for less, and get the job!

consider temp agencies! Most positions are business casual. Also, if you are in the market for a new career, perhaps the job you want doesn’t call for a suit at all. I worked for a fortune 500 Company and I never saw anyone in more than a button down and slacks. If you think your closet still needs resuscitated, then join the newly graduated and check out my tips on looking the part for less.

Look the Part for Less
1. Borrow clothes from friends for an interview.
(Guys, give your best bud a call, or dad if he is still GQ! Ladies, you all have huge closets raid each other’s.)
2. Hit the sales NOW, what are you waiting for GO!
(Retail store are hurting right now, so they are cutting prices on suits and such, this is a perfect time to snag that Suit or evening attire for your big Winter Gala with the office team.)
3. Make it a game…scavenger hunt!
(I love the “hunt” for clothes. If you have not shadowed a TJ-Maxx, or Marshals or other discounted clothing shops, what are you waiting for! Nobody leaves broke or empty handed.)
4. Mix it up!
(Have you looked at stores you normally would never go in? Did you know Ralph Lauren has an inexpensive line at J.C.  Penny’s!)
5. Make style sacrifices
(Maybe you are a Sarah Jessica Parker gal, or a ‘Hello my name is Earl’ guy…sometimes we just have to tone it down; or take more time with the iron and mirror to turn up our game.)

I am excited about being a part of the Newlycorporate team; if you have an idea for a post or a question just e-mail me! [email protected] Also, checkout my blog at

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  1. Good hints! I’ve been on the hunt for affordable business casual clothing recently and, surprisingly, I’ve been able to score some decent items for at least 50% off.

    For me, the key is checking back frequently and finding out when sales are happening. Also, right now is a good time to shop because stores are getting rid of their winter inventory (which tends to be more modest and professional anyway) to make room for their spring lines.