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5 Everyday Gas Saving Tips

Highest Gas Price Iâ??ve Seenâ?¦So FarHave you changed your gas habits to save money?  I definitely have.  Unfortunately, There is only so much an individual can do.  Driving around to find cheaper gas is a waste of fuel and time plus, my offshore drilling rig has been broken since we used it as a diving raft in ’03.  Below are 5 of the things I have found have the most impact on my personal gas bill.

1) Choose to live in a downtown apartment – This is probably the most useful thing I have done.  By living downtown I do pay higher rent.  However, my wife and I can share an auto and most necessities are within walking distance.  An added bonus is that we also only have to have one car payment!

2) Back down on the RPMs – I have never really drove that fast, maybe I’m too laid back.  However, now I pay much more attention to the tachometer.  It’s important to see your RPMs if you want to know how much gas you are using.  Once you reach your top gear, the faster you go the more gas you burn.  I hit my top gear around 55.  If you have the time, slow down, the savings will come.

3) Hold back on A/C – The A/C is nice, especially when your car is an oasis from your non-air apartment!  But if weather permits, do a mini-experiment.  Drive one direction of a trip with air on, on the way back, ride with it off.   I was able to do it this weekend and the results were noticeable.  Saved 1/8 – 1/4 a tank of gas (an estimated $16 in savings).

4) Carpool – This tactic has been the staple of money saving college students, elementary kids, and hippies for years.  But it works.  I know the people in my office who live near me and if we are off site for a day, we almost always carpool.

5) Bus it – I’m not sure how much this has saved me.  In the summer a round trip to work is $4 a day, that is not saving much since I only live 2 miles tops from the office.  However, in the fall and spring I get a bus pass included with my graduate tuition.  That is when I save big!

That is my shortlist.  I haven’t saved enough to buy my fishing boat yet, but I’m getting there.  Wikihow has a nice page with several other ideas on saving gas.

What have you done to save gas money?  Any creative schemes that totally failed?

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  1. #1 is far and away the best thing you can do to reduce your transportation costs. I’ve lived and worked in downtown Milwaukee for years now and well I only see my car on a quarterly basis! Talk about true freedom

  2. #3 is partially true, but requires more details. If you are driving under 40mph, this makes sense. However, if you are going faster, the drag is greater on the car and it is better to have the A/C on.

  3. #5 won’t save me money as I live too close to my job, it will waste my time however 😉

  4. @ Ryan – Good point on having the windows down. I didn’t think of that factor. When I was doing my mini experiment I was able to keep the windows up. Probably made a large difference.

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