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2 Days in 1 : Get More Done

Astronomical Clock - Prague Shortly after typing A Millenial’s 6 Step Guide to Getting Things Done, I realized I had shared my strategy for getting things done (GTD) but, not the core strategy I use that helps me get more done (GMD) by staying focused.

Too Many Tasks After Work

Outside of the average workday tasks, many young professionals have a number of side projects that get harder and harder to keep up with as they accelerate. Even work tasks sometimes tend to bleed over into our personal time. How do we deal with all of these extra to do items after working a full day? It’s all in how you approach the tasks mentally.

Think Different: Two days in One

You just got home from a long day at work, you’re tired out and all you want to do is grab a beer and watch TV but, your unread book is staring at you and you really should finish your performance review preperation. Even updating your social network profiles and increasing your share of feed can feel like a burden at the end of a long day.

This is the crucial point where you can decide to get things done or melt into TV-induced bliss. How do you push yourself?

1. Take a 30 minute to 1 hour break after work to workout, eat or watch TV. This helps you to “reset” and gives your body a break.

2. Start another to do list and plan your evening hours, usually you have another 4 hours in your “2nd day”. Work your way through this list using the same steps you would during the day.

3. Throughout your “2nd day”, avoid getting distracted and using rationalizations like “I already worked today” or “It’s not big deal, I don’t really need to finish these tasks”. If you don’t take it seriously, the mental reset that helps you accomplish extra work won’t happen.

Final caution: Drinking more than two drinks during your “reset” with a friend will significantly decrease your productivity during your “2nd day”.

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  1. This is a lot easier on paper than in real life. I am only able to be productive in my second day maybe 2-3 night a week (M-F) and one of the is usually going out on Friday night. Although the working out is the best point, that usually resets me and I’ll be good for another couple hours. I also usually have a movie on in the background while I’m doing work so if I need a 5 min break it’s easy to get into something else for a short period.

  2. @Michael – I agree, I really only thinks it healthy to do work second days about 4 days a week. You really need one night to go out or go to networking events (and the weekend). Thanks for the feedback!

    Anyone else have suggestions?

  3. Final caution: Drinking more than two drinks during your “reset” with a friend will significantly decrease your productivity during your “2nd day”.
    You Light weight. Brandon, you used to be cool. 😉

  4. Overall though I would agree with your points. There is a lot of valuable time that is often wasted if you can’t seperate your days into two productive periods. However, I find my biggest issue comes more when I am trying to prioritize other more mundane activities that aren’t at the same level as say growing my feeds…like grocery shopping or going to a laundromat. All the things that can be put off until the weekend, assuming I’m not going to wake up for work foul-smelling and starving. Though by the time the weekend rolls around, those same tasks don’t hold much of an appeal compared to social events. Thus and endless cycle begins, broken only by an empty closet or refrigerator.

    Maybe its time to re-evaluate my schedule.

  5. @ScottyG – Thanks! Too bad those days of trying to study after happy hour at the bar are gone :-)

    As far as the “mundane tasks” go, I think I will do a whole post on getting them done because it’s definitely a struggle. Look for a post on “Just In Time Mundane Multi-Tasking” :-)

  6. Hey the picture of the clock looks like the one in Prague. Did you know that the longest run clock in the world?


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