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Newly Corporate Author’s Favorites of 2007

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You can checkout my personal thoughts in the chart-filled Best of Newly Corporate 2007 post but, here is a quick summary of what I am looking forward to here in 2008: onwards and upwards! We have come a long ways but, I am very excited to continue to accelerate as a community of young professionals (readers, posters and commenters alike). Here are my personal favorites:

1. The Dream Home Series
This a a great ongoing series by Brandon A on his takeaways from the home/condo buying process.

2. 5 Happy Hour Hacks: How to Drink and Schmooze in the Corporate World
Who doesn’t like happy hour? Here are a few tips on how to harness happy hour to improve your career.
3. Religion At Work: Are prayers for coworkers ok?
Religion can often be contentious in the workplace, this post helps you deal with it.

4. 5 Questions You Should Ask In Every Interview
Many sites describe how to answer questions, here are questions you should ask in the interview.

5. Things to Remember When Traveling for Business
A great list of quick travel tips for the young professional jet set.


I am proud of what we have done with in 2007. Just six months ago, Grant was sitting on this domain wondering what to do with it. Then Brandon H came into the picture, and now we’ve got something cooking. We are slowly but surely passing the milestones and I’m excited to see what we can do in 2008.

1. How to Buy a Suit – That Actually Fits

This was a real eye opener for me. I didn’t know there was a wrong way to buy a suit. I was wrong.

2. Make Money on Your Cash Flow Automatically – Free (Diagram)

This summarizes all of the little ways that you can squeeze more out of that dollar. We all know these tools are out there somewhere, but this posts puts it all together and compels you to go do it!

3. Personal Finance Broken Down and in Your Pocket

I love the money expertise that Brandon A brings to the site and this is him at his best.


It’s been a great experience, contributing to NewlyCorporate, and watching it enjoy success so quickly. I’d like to commend everyone, and especially Brandon H for all of the leg work. Thanks to everyone who comments, too. A post is always much more interesting after a few comments.

1. The Acquired! Series

I love these articles because they’re so real. We can talk about management methodologies and best practices all day long, but Dan is giving us some first hand insight into a real shake-up situation – an acquisition.

2. 5 Ways to Market Yourself at Work

This one hits home with me because it’s something that I’ve struggled with, and it is SO IMPORTANT!

3. 6 Steps to Effortless Inter-Generational Communication

This is great because it can help you connect to almost anyone. You need to remember that some people aren’t (and never will be) on Facebook – which isn’t a bad thing, but they may slip your mind when you’re getting slammed with the daily newsfeed about everyone else.

4. Beer Styles from Around the World: Belgium Part One – Trappist Ales

A great little summary about Trappist Ales. I’m a little biased towards this one because I live in Brussels, and I love a good Trappist Brew.

5. Gifts for Young Professional Women

It’s always good to get a some female perspective on the site – I think we need some more guest articles.

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